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  Phoenix Pain Relief Success Stories

Some of our patients like to share their experience at our clinic and how Dr. Kasian's gentle, effective care has changed their life.

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Bells Palsy Relief

I have been seeing Dr. Kasian now for over 3 years. I originally went to see Dr. Kasian for back and shoulder issues. He is a miracle worker and has helped me out many times in relieving pain and discomfort and getting me back on my feet.
Last year I came down with Bells Palsy while on vacation. I was treated while out of town by an ER doctor with several prescriptions and was told it could be six months to a year or longer before I fully recovered. As soon as I was back in town I went to Dr. Kasian, and after a few weeks of accupuncture treatments from Dr. Kasian I was back to myself 3 weeks from the date of onset of my Bell's Palsy.
Ben C.

Long Drive but Worth It

Dr. Kasian is the absolute best! I have been seeing him for over ten years and have always been amazed at the care I receive. He is the most knowledgeable, kind, caring doctor I have ever met. He is HONEST, will never push anything on you, gets you right in and out, has you feeling great and out of pain. I live an hour away and Alternative Health Care is worth every minute of the drive. Thank you, Dr. K, for all you've done for me.
Roddi Jess

Food Poisoning, Abdominal Pain and My Hunt for a Cure

In July of 2016, I experienced food poisoning. After a violent episode of 24 hour purging, I was left with abdominal pain. I was so uncomfortable that I was unable to sleep, so I began my quest for a solution. I started with my primary doctor. No solution. I was referred to a specialist, which led to a referral to another specialist. Each physician office visit was usually accompanied by a test. I had an x-ray, coronary artery score, CT Scan, blood test, urine test, stool test. I even did a colonoscopy fourteen months earlier than scheduled! I saw a Gynecologist, a Gastroenterologist, a Urologist, and a General Surgeon (for upper abdomen). Each physician said the same thing. Everything looks good in my area of expertise. I don't know what is causing the pain. I had run out of body parts to check for the cause. I refused to believe I would have to live with my problem, so in December 2016, after exhausting Western medicine options, I approached Eastern medicine. I went to Dr. Kasian. He was my last stop. I told him my story. He believed it was my lower back area causing "referred" pain to my abdomen. At his recommendation I started a series of chiropractic treatments. I felt better after the first treatment and even better each time I went. I was encouraged knowing his diagnosis was spot on! It is now early March and I am pain free. As a bonus, Dr. Kasian treated my dry eye condition using acupuncture treatments. That, too, was very helpful. He also encouraged me to see an Ophthalmologist for an additional level of help in determining its cause. I shared with him my other "nuisance health problems." He encouraged me to seek out the right specialist who could test for the cause of the condition and come up with the solution. Even though it was my choice to finally resolve all my health issues, I give Dr. Kasian the credit for their resolution because he continued to encourage me to make those appointments. Because of his caring approach to healing, he always made me feel important. His "whole body" approach through his treatments and recommendations has me feeling great today after a long history of tolerating the robbers of my quality of life. Patients deserve an optimistic doctor and Dr. Kasian is the epitome of positive. I highly recommend Dr. Kasian as your first stop for pain relief. Evelyn P Age 65

Very Knowledgeable

This doctor is unlike others. He takes his time, listens when you talk, and has vast knowledge of, what seems like, EVERYTHING! His office is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, and ALWAYS willing to work around YOUR schedule, and needs. I will continue to visit, anytime I feel the NEED to.
Steve A.

Disabled Veteran

I'm a 63-year old US Navy veteran. I came to Dr. Kasian seeking treatment of chronic and severe pain in my legs and lower back. I have been living with pain for a number of years, but my inspiration to alleviate my pain is that my daughter is getting married and I wanted to be able to walk her down the aisle, preferably without the use of a cane.
From the moment I walked in the office, I have been treated with the utmost respect. I learned that Dr. Kasian is a veteran himself, and as such, he welcomes his vets along with his other patients with open arms. He is willing to help and provides extra in any areas or by any means possible. I have had Chiropractic treatments, which included decompression spinal therapy, as well as Acupuncture and Electrotherapy. Treatments seem to have good results with my pain being less than when I began my treatment 3 months ago. I have also made progress in being able to walk without the use of my cane for short distances. Who knows, maybe I'll not only be able to walk my daughter down the aisle, but also be able to dance her first dance with her? I now feel it may be possible.
I highly recommend Dr. Kasian and his staff, Amy. They are caring individuals and make your time at the appointment as comfortable as possible. You are welcomed in the office with a smile, but when you leave the office, you are the one smiling!

D. C. Black

Digestion Issues

I have been a patient of Dr. Kasian's for about 6 months. My husband had seen Dr. Kasian for back and shoulder pain and after talking with Dr. Kasian at the visits with my husband I decided to see if he would be able to help me. I had been dealing with intestinal issues for over 5 years I had tried everything from daily fiber, increased water, exercise. They all worked a bit but not enough to let me stop using medication on a regular basis. Dr. Kasian examined me and recommended treatment that included acupuncture and the use of supplements. Within 48 hours of the first treatment I no longer had an issue and now 6 months later I am feeling so much better and have so much more energy.
Dr. Kasian and his staff are very professional,empathlc and knowledgeable. Both myself and my husband would and have recommended Dr. Kasian to friends, family and coworkers.
C.C. Age 50

Chronic Back Pain

I have been a patient of Dr. Kasian's for almost a year. I came to Dr. Kasian originally for chronic lower back pain, I had been dealing with the pain on and off for over 3 years. I had been treated for back pain with injections, X-rays, physical therapy and many, many office visits. The treatments would work for a while but the pain would return. The first visit with Dr. Kasian my pain was at a 10+ on the pain scale, I could not sleep lying down, was not comfortable sitting, had not been able to enjoy my hobbies or my grandchildren. When I was examined by Dr. Kasian he recommended treatment that Included acupuncture and adjustments. After the first visit my pain was down to a 3 on the pain scale and after a few more visits I was in no more pain! A few months later I went skeet shooting with my son and next morning woke in severe shoulder pain and was unable to make a fist. After 1 visit to Dr. Kasian the pain was GONE ! Ben C. Age 64



I have been an RN for 43 years & have been a patient of Dr. Kasian's for 15 years since 1 moved to Az. I had a number of health issues prior to my move & tried acupuncture for the very 1st time. As an RN & treating patients for years, we mostly used "western" medicine, xrays, tests, labs, procedures, & mostly pain meds. Whereby, acupuncture, herbals. & homeopathic were considered "eastern" medicine. I felt "different" with my lst treatment, one thing being pain relief that I had been suffering for months. I was hooked! I told everyone I met about my experience. I lost my job after 20 plus years, due to my medical problems. Eventually I took classes to become a certified acupuncturist

I try to get a treatment with Dr. Kasian when the seasons change. My worst experience was when I developed shingles, truly the worst pain I had ever had. The outbreak of lesions sent me to do the "western" medicine route with urgent care & numerous prescriptions. I was bawling hysterically due to the pain.& called Dr. Kasian & asked him if he could treat shingles & I went straight to his office for a treatment. I had terrible itching, & "firey" type pain with the nerve involvement. He put some needles in me, & within a few minutes, the itching had stopped, & the pain was gone within a very short period of time. I then went days without pain. I did a few "follow up" appts after that, & the shingles was resolved, never to bother me again. I tell patients ALL the time about my experiences & tell them they need to try "eastern" medicine for their problems. It’s frequently necessary to do "western" first to get a diagnosis, then take that diagnosis to the "eastern" side & you will be amazed!!! What have you got to lose??

Many thanks to Dr. Kasian for all the treatments, kindness, caring & support he has given to me over the years!

Kathy Alexander, RN



About 8 years ago I was suffering from plantar fasciitis which is an extremely painful foot condition. What is essentially happening is that my tendons were too tight and I had extreme pain in the arch of one foot. I went to medical doctors and did physical therapy. Nothing helped at all. The medical doctors suggested surgery but said I only had a 15% chance of success with surgery. My girlfriend suggested I see Dr. Kasian for acupuncture. I thought she was nuts- that stuff doesn't work-1 thought- but 1 had nothing to lose. I went to see Dr. Kasian who explained everything and then proceeded to the treatment (which didn't hurt at all). Even though he was so nice and re-assuring and friendly I thought it was just a waste of my time. However, my foot immediately began to tingle and I was 50% better from just the one treatment! After the second treatment I was 100% better! That was 8 years ago and I've never had another issue with that foot.
I can assure you that Dr. Kasian's application of acupuncture works- it’s no placebo effect because I didn't believe it would work!! Now I do. I have since been treated for hemorrhoids and for snoring with acupuncture by Dr. Kasian with good results on both! I would and do highly recommend Dr. Kasian and tell everyone I know about his services!


Wellness Care:

I came to be treated by Dr. Kasian because I was calling chiropractors in my area to discuss treatment. I had called several with no luck of anyone answering the phone. I dialed Dr. Kasian’s number and there was a voice at the other end. Bingo, this is my Dr.!!!
I saw Dr. Kasian the next day and I am so happy I did. Dr. Kasian is a magician! I walk in, tell him what’s bothering me, he makes a few adjustments and I am on my way!
He is gentle, kind, and a great listener.

Thanks Dr. Kasian, I appreciate you!



I originally began seeing Dr. Kasian for migraines. I received immediate relief and have not had a migraine in quite sometime now. I continue to see Dr. Kasian for overall wellness as needed for my neck and upper back. He always addresses the issue I am having and his genuine caring nature is truly appreciated.

Thank you Dr. Kasian for all that you do!
Debbie Lunn


Acupuncture for Migraines:

Before seeing Dr. Kasian for acupuncture I was expiring migraines 2-3 times a week. I had been suffering for migraines for the past 7 years. They had gotten so bad prescription medication seemed like my only option. Not long after I decided to stop the medication I started to see Dr. Kasian. I began to notice an improvement with in the first few weeks and after a couple months the migraines have subsided. I now see him for maintainance to prevent them and occasionally if I experience one.
Dr. Kasian and his staff have a genuine interest in the health and well being of their clients.



Listen to your body:

Dr. Kasian was referred to me by a friend, a couple years ago for adjustments. Dr. Kasian is an experienced doctor who truly listens to what you say. Many of my friends are patients of his, all various ages for various reasons. Sometimes I need an adjustment every two weeks and sometimes once a month. I never feel pressured by Dr. Kasian’s office to come more than I need, as he has said many times “listen to your body”. This practice works well with fitting you in if you need a last minute appointment. My daughter saw Dr. Kasian for migraines and it was calming for me as a parent to know that she could get the help she needed if she was in pain. My daughter of 20 years old went from 4 migraines a week to 1 every 12-15 days, if that. Its nice to know there are health professionals that a patient can rely on and enjoy, all in one visit!
Joy Dartley

6 Months of Intense Pain:
May 2013




Neck and Upper Back Pain:

When I came into Dr. Kasian's office I was in terrible pain in my chest, collar bone, and neck on the left side (scary because it's on side where heart is). Dr. Kasian screened me by asking me some questions to get to know my problems and concerns and then told me how he would treat me. One of my favorites was the hydro-therapy bed.

The entire setup was awesome!!! The bed has water jet action inside the mattress so you just lay back for about 20 minutes and let the bed do the work. It's all set up in a lovely private room with a very friendly scenery. My treatment results were nothing but miracles. In less than 2 weeks I was free of pain. In addition to the hydro-therapy, I got full adjustments. I recommend Dr. Kasian to anyone who is experiencing severe pain, am very grateful and would return to him if I had to. I rate him a 5 -star doctor.

Thank you Dr. Kasian!!! You're the Man!!!
Mrs. Relieved, age 51
P.s. Brittany (office manager) is very professional and a sweet heart!!


Chronic Low Back Pain:

I started with the Doctor in March of 2011 due to a chronic lower back problem. I have used chiropractor adjustments for many years and always with a Palmer trained doctor. My initial contact was because he was Palmer trained and I knew he could help me. I have used his abilities once a month every month since them. I have found the doctor to be not only very well qualified medically but a person interested in me as a individual. I will continue using his office to maintain my well being. His front office staff has always friendly in helping me make my monthly appointments. I am 83 years old and in reasonably good health part of which is to Dr Kasian adjustments.
C. D.


Back Muscle Pain After Heart Surgery:


I had open heart surgery in December of 2011. I hadn’t had any symptoms of a heart attack so the surgery was something of a surprise. In every normal way of evaluating these kinds of life changing events, my heart surgery was a success. I have a brilliant cardiologist. The surgeon who operated on me has technical skills that are in the 99th percentile. My general practitioner is also a very fine doctor who gets rave reviews from her patients.

The problems I did encounter after coming home from the hospital were unusually painful muscle strains in my chest wall. I can’t blame anyone but myself for these strains. I’m much weaker thank I was before the operation. I’m still coming to grips with that new reality.

I’ve used Dr. Kasian as a sports doctor for about ten years. When I pulled a muscle in my chest, it seemed natural to go to him and then to my GP for a muscle relaxer and some pain medications. After my second such muscle pull (these are very hard lessons to learn), I realized that I have a very small comfort zone. I could see serious consequences form any kind of minor muscle injury- it took me about ten days to get over each chest muscle pull. The total twenty days I was incapacitated included about six day where I couldn’t sleep without a pain pill.

It seemed to me that my problem was bigger than respecting the kinds of muscular activities my post operative body could easily manage. The larger problem was the comfort zone issue. If I could enlarge my comfort zone, maybe I could survive the next muscle pull in a way that was more similar to a normal person.

I discussed my comfort zone issue with Dr. Kasian. He understood what I was talking about. He was completely ready to use all the therapeutic resources at his command to move my whole physical person to a different, healthier, place.

Dr. Kasian and I created a plan were I would come in for therapy once a week for six weeks. I’m currently at the third week and I feel better. The problem with a traditional medical approach is that such an approach looks at the patient in a piecemeal way. Dr. Kasian was ready, willing and capable of looking at my health issue from a holistic point of view.


Severe Arm Pain:

Dr. Kasian,

Just wanted to say thank you for quick pain relief.

Almost a year ago I had a severe pain in my right arm (9-10 on a scale of 1-10) that after an MRI it was diagnosed as golf elbow. My doc prescribed 4 weeks of therapy which I completed however the pain persisted and was now also in my neck. After an MRI of the neck it was diagnosed as arthritis in the facet joints. Choices were therapy or pain center. I chose the pain center. After two mini treatments for the insurance company and three epidurals in the neck (all 2 weeks apart) I got relief.

Now, a year later the pain was back. Again at a 9-10 level. The pain center could not get me in for two weeks so I followed a friends referral and came to you. Boy am I glad I did!!! I came to you on Tuesday you treated my neck, on Thursday and Saturday acupuncture and on Monday I was 95% pain free. A couple of follow up visits and wow what a difference.

I am definitely recommending you to my friends and family.

Thank you,
Bob Rowe




Once again chiropractic has cured what has been ailing me!

Many years ago I was in an auto accident and went with the standard medical treatment, muscle relaxers and a neck brace. I tried that for a month and when there was no improvement I finally took a friend's advice and went to see a chiropractor. The relief after the first session was amazing.

Years later I "slept wrong" and woke up in the morning with a kink in my neck that caused me to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Again I went to the emergencY room and spent about 3 weeks walking around drugged and in a neck brace! Some of us don't learn quickly. Once again a few trips the chiropractor fixed me up.

ln 1981 I had the misfortune of developing fibromyalgia. At that time there was nothing to do but use arthritis drugs that wrecked my stomach while giving only a very small amount of relief. My accountant told me a friend was having great success with chiropractic and acupuncture used in tandem. After suffering for about 5 years, I finally found relief, it was a miracle. I went for treatments for several months and now 18 years later have not had any further problem with fibromyalgia.

Recently, I came to Dr. Larry Kasian with a vertigo problem. I had been told by my physician it could be an inner ear infection, a bad tooth or my blood pressure medicine. Thank Heaven I looked at a diagram of the spine on Dr. Kasian's website and realized that all the problems I was having were specific to one part of my spine! For the better part of 2 months I had been living on Dramamine and weaving around looking like I was drunk! After a couple weeks of visits,I am almost totally devoid of the symptoms of

I am in no way saying you should give up your medical doctor, I am saying you should be smarter than me and not wait so long to try the alternative! Be open to chiropractic and acupuncture and if you need treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Larry Kasian and his wonderful staff.

Carol McMaster-Guy



Dr. Lawrence Kasian
Alternative Health Center for Pain Relief

Dear Dr. Kasian,

1 year ago today I walked into your office in hope of getting a little pain relief. After all, the business card reads “Pain Relief". My pain level on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the highest level of pain was at 27 on that day.

1. I could not sit down in a chair without severe pain.
2. I could not stand for longer than a few minutes without pain
3. I could not pick up anything over 5 lbs., because my hands would drop it.
4. Pain in my back — arthritis in the spine is what the MD said.
5. Pain in my face — sinus is what the MD said
6. Neurophathy in my legs, feet, and hands from the diabetes
7. I could not steep in a bed — because I could not get up in the morning. The recliner became my best friend.
8. As a diabetic I was up to 8 insulin injections a day.
9. I was taking prescription medication for allergies.
10. I hated to wake in the morning because just going to the bathroom was very painful.
11. I could not iron, sweep, mop, and bend without severe pain,

Walking, sitting, standing, stairs, were all out of the question. It had been living like this for over 5 years. The only thing that helped was pain pills, but then I could not drive or go to work.

In general I had no quality to my life. I pushed myself on a daily basis, because if I did not, I would have given up. I prayed for relief and found your information. After my first treatment of acupuncture 99% of the pain on my right side was gone. The next morning without thinking, when the alarm clock went off, I got out of my recliner, walked to the bathroom, and sat with no pain. I thought I was dead and did not know it. I also noticed I slept 6 hours without waking. Average sleep time was 1 hour and 15 minutes, pain and having to go to the bathroom kept me up all night.

Over a 3-weelk period you and your needles performed so many great changes in my body. Pain level was an average of 4-5 on the left side. Right side might have discomfort, but quickly went away. Within 3 months my pain level was between 1-2 when I had pain. A big difference from pain 7 days a week.

No more pain pills!

Best part of all was the changes my body was going through. My insulin injections dropped to 1-2 a day. Trust me Dr. K, I monitor my blood sugar well, and insulin is injected when needed. I was able to stop using the prescription allergy medication. I went to an all natural nasal spray (approved by my MD).

In addition to pain relief you have saved me money on Primary Care Co-Pays, Prescription Co-Pays, and I have learned the difference between pain and discomfort.

I know acupuncture does not work for everyone, but I have seen what it has done for me and my family members.

Thank you for doing so well.
Gloria A.

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